An unhappy lonely teenage boy…

An unhappy teenage boy decides to ditch school for the first time, in order to get away from the people who only know he exists is when they are bullying him. He decides to wander the woods near his childhood home. After wandering for a while he comes upon an old, beat down, shack. It looks empty so he opens the door to explore inside. “Hello”, a voice greets him from a dark corner. “I am so sorry! I thought it was abandoned. I’ll leave now.” he replies, shocked that someone could live here. “No, no, please stay a moment. I haven’t had company in years.” the elderly woman says, with a smile. “Yeah, I guess I can stay, I don’t have anywhere else to be.” the boy says, returning the smile. They talk for a couple hours before teenage boy has to leave to get home for dinner. “Thank you for being so hospitable. I had a good time” the young man says to his new friend. “I am the one who is truly grateful. Please take these as a gift for your time.” she hands him a pair of ugly, colorful, but clean, socks. “Thank you?” he says, confused. “I can’t help you make friends with people your own age but these socks may give you some courage to open up more.” says the grateful woman. They spend time together at least weekly, and their friendship grows, but the socks remain unused in a drawer. One morning teenage boy has no clean white socks and in a rush to catch the bus put the socks given to him by his elderly friend. When he arrives to school everyone he passes smiles and greets him. “Odd”, he thinks. At lunch, the popular kids ask him to sit at their table. Before the end of the lunch hour the prettiest cheerleader in school is kissing his cheek. When he gets home he tosses all his other socks out and puts his lucky ones in the wash. The next morning he puts on his socks and gets on the bus. When he gets back to school everything is back to terrible. He is ignored or bullied all day and anxiously awaits the final bell so he can speak to the old woman and get the socks fixed. When he enters her house he sees a massive bear mauling and eating his friend. “STOP!!! ” He yells. “I need her help!! Please stop! ” the bear turns to the boy and says…….nothing, bears don’t talk.

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