Ethnic Jokes

There was a construction foreman looking for laborers, he posted an add in the local newspaper a short time later a stout Norweigan man named Bjorn showed up an said “Herlo job foreman sir, when do I start the yob?”.Knowing the Norweigan was probably dumb as a post he decided to test the lad so he told the man “without using any numbers I want you to make nine” the Norweigan looked around and picked up a stick and proceeded to draw three trees in the dirt, “there ya go job foreman guy when do I start?”Annoyed, the forman replied “How do you figure that makes nine?” “Well tree plus tree plus tree makes nine.”,

“Yeah, okay smart guy,” retorted the foreman, “now without using any numbers make ninety nine.”

So without skipping a beat, the Norweigan grabbed, a shovel and scooped up some mud and proceeded to drop a dollop of mud on each tree, “there ya go foreman guy when do I start?”Infuriated at this point that the man was so quick, he asked “How’s that ninety nine?”

“Well ya see, dirty tree plus dirty tree plus dirty tree isa ninety nine.”

“Make one hundred” demanded the foreman, positive that there was no way neandrathal Norweigan could oblige. Once again the man used the shovel this time scooping up a pile of dog poop, evenly dropping a bit under each tree, “OK! job foreman guy, where do you want me to be startin first?””Alright wise-guy, explain how the heck is that to make 100?”

“Okay,” said the witty Norweigan, “dirty tree and a tird plus dirty tree and a tird plus dirty tree and a tird dat makes 100!”

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