Britain decided it was time to switch left lane traffic to right lane traffic, as everywhere in Europe. So they gather to plan the whole thing and nobody seems to come up with any viable solution, so they send out some help-me type faxes. A couple of days later, answers come back. The French fax read: “As your neighbors, we are deeply touched
you requested our help,” etc., etc., “but we have no idea at all how to do it.” The German fax read: “We are Germany, the most organized country in Europe, but we have not had this problem before and we do not know how to handle it.” The Polish fax read: “As you know, we are Poland, a country that has done a lot on the path towards democracy
and economic resuscitation. “We have a great deal of experience in such transition processes. But, as to overcome the inherent difficulties and to avoid social problems, any and all transitions must be done gradually. “So, it is our proposal to handle the
situation in three big steps. The first year, it should be mandatory only for the trucks to ride on the right lane …”

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