New Bike

**This is NOT an original. My brother sent me this joke this morning as I have recently bought a bike.**
A guy decides to buy a new Harley. Before he leaves the owner tells him his secret for keeping it in such great condition is he rubs vaseline on the chrome when it rains and hands him a jar of vaseline.

Over weekend, he decides to take his new bike to visit his girlfiends’ parents.

As they walk to the front door she stops him and says, “Don’t talk during dinner, the first one to talk has to do the dishes.”

He says “Alright?”

Still confused they get to the front door and walk in only to find piles of dishes all over the house. They start to eat and sure enough nobody is saying a word.

So he starts to rub his girlfriends breast, still nothing from anybody. He takes off her clothes, still nothing from anybody. Then He screws her right their at the table, not a word from anybody. A little more time goes by and he does the same thing to her mom, still no word from anybody.

Then he hears it starting to rain outside so he pulls out the jar of vaseline to take care of his bike.

Her dad says, “Alright, alright I will do the dishes.”

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