The two villages were troubled.

They were constantly being forced to search for other places to fish in the river. There was a massive bear that paraded the shores on both sides and this made fishing difficult for both villages that lie on opposite sides of the river.

Earlier there used to be a small pack of wolves that paraded the shores and now they were forced in the villages because of the bear. This posed a problem as they started attacking the livestock. The village elders decided to meet on the high bridge that connected them together to see who can help with this situation.

When the elders met on the bridge, with all the other villagers in tow, they argued for an hour and didn’t reach any conclusion. Then when all hope was about to be lost, Peter jumped from the bridge in the river. Having witnessed this the bear rushed to kill him. The villagers looked at this in awe from above.

Peter somehow swims on the shore and smacks the head of the prancing bear with a large stone. The bear drops dead. Having witnessed that the bear is out of the way, the wolves run down and start attacking Peter. But one by one, Peter takes them all out.

Having seen all this, the villagers start to celebrate as Peter comes to meet the elders. Everyone is congratulating him on his bravery but Peter looked unfazed by all this.

One of the elders comes to him and says, “Peter, for this bravery, all of us have decided that we’ll offer you something big, what do you want? A house? A really pretty wife? A field? You say it and we’ll give it to you!!”

To this Peter replies, “I only want one thing, I wanna know which motherf**er pushed me off the bridge!!”

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